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Sitting on your loveseat,
Holding back an avalanche of tears.
I mustn’t cry.
Wouldn’t want a witness to my demise,
Especially you… who is so unaware.

Lying to myself.
Control is all that remains.
Must keep my heart constrained,
As I watch you hanging clothes.
Not listening to how your freedom’s left me lame,
But instead to the comforting hum of the rain
And the whisper of the wind as it blows
Outside your window.

My eyes only have eyes for your long strong fingers
That used to prefer to hold me rather than a satin blouse
About to meet its hanger.

I just focus on your hands,
For that is all I can withstand
They won’t look strangely back at me
That is one thing that is clear, you see
As the moist drops shielding my eyes expand
And fall.

Did I ever tell you that I love you?

– Courtney How



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