The Lady and the Violin

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Joy overcame me
Watching her on a subway train of sweat and fatigue
After a long day of work
Feet burning sore from standing earlier at a bus stop,
Baking in the hot squint of the late afternoon sun.

Before the moment my eyes fell on her,
Desire’s only desire was to comfort the discomfort with cream laden pasta and wine
Followed by a film

Then I lost sight of me for a moment.

A thousand memories in her eyes lit up as she watched the man with the violin.
A whole life before me, pain and joy and everything in between.
I wanted to cry, to touch her. Was her happiness contagious?
Calloused hands uncovering years of toil
A neck stretched and sagging
Brown spots sprinkling over loose skin.

Life laughing in her eyes.
A body that swayed to the music
Of a violin.

– Courtney How



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